Strength in unity

By EDRIE AZRIFF CHEERLEADING is all about never giving up, and giving your best in everything you do. Some people think it’s just an activity for “popular” girls and effeminate boys, but no. It’s about passion, putting your heart and soul into training and pushing your limits for almost an entire year, all to perform […]

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Storm-ing their way up

By PHYLLIS HO Two Sundays ago, Taylor’s University dodgeball team – or Taylor’s Lakeside Storm – emerged champions for the second time in a row at the MAPCU (Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities) Sports Carnival dodgeball competition. The carnival is an annual sporting event amongst private educational institutions. The event was held […]

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Two guys (Venser vs Koth) and a lady (Sylvanas Windrunner)

Okay Magic: the Gathering and World of Warcraft TCG fans, listen up!   The decklist for the latest Magic product, the Duel Decks: Venser vs Koth, is now completely demystified and up online! has spoiled the product’s deck lists, here.   As the name would suggest, Venser vs Koth has two decks, each containing […]

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Get your inner Mage/Hunter/Warrior/Shaman/Druid on

I may love Blood Bowl: Team Manager Card Game (by Fantasy Flight Games) for now, but I’m also steadily reacquainting myself with my favorite TCG (trading card game), World of Warcraft (or WoW in short).   Bizarrely, I’m going real easy on the customization bit – that is, I’m trying to not mix around the cards […]

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Cracking cardboard competitions

They say that if you got an interest or a pastime, then you’ll be happier if you end up making money from it.

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A Magic player's tale

Today’s Cards & Boards blog post is contributed by a well-known name in the Malaysian gaming scene, Terry Soh.

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