I may love Blood Bowl: Team Manager Card Game (by Fantasy Flight Games) for now, but I’m also steadily reacquainting myself with my favorite TCG (trading card game), World of Warcraft (or WoW in short).


Bizarrely, I’m going real easy on the customization bit – that is, I’m trying to not mix around the cards between my decks too much – but, rather, am letting my decks stay consistent, with a set bunch of cards.


Well, looks like the upcoming Champion Decks product is right up your alley, if you’re looking for instantly playable decks, straight out of the box. There will be five decks, one each for Mage, Hunter, Warrior, Shaman and Druid.


Roughly divided into Heroic or Monster, the decks will feature some of the more notable WoW universe heroes and villains. The confirmed lineup are Jaina Proudmoore (Human Mage), Lady Sylvanas Windrunner (Undead Hunter), Hogger (the Gnoll), Murkdeep (the Murloc Shaman) and Elderlimb (the Treefolk Druid).


Check out the link above for some card names already hinted, per deck. Some old classics and hopefully heavy hitters there. Slated for a late March 2012 release, stay tuned on more news about its eventual local availability!


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