VIDEO: Stompers out to erase heartbreak of CHEER 2014

The Stompers were heartbroken when their routine fell apart at the CHEER 2014 Finals. This year, they’re planning to set things right.

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VIDEO: Passion for cheerleading started early for D'Starz

D'Starz base Trisha Wong and flyer Aileen Sufiah started cheerleading when they were 12 and seven respectively. And like them, more cheerleaders are starting out young these days, allowing them to progress and develop their skills on their own pace.

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VIDEO: Team Eclipse to make injured member proud

Eclipse co-captain and base Aurelia Koh was involved in an accident while cheerleading. She won’t be performing at the CHEER 2015 Finals so her team plans to make her proud.

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VIDEO: Warriorz cheerleaders fell in love with the sport after joining the team

Warriorz captain Tan Jei Yin and flyer Mok Weng Dee have come to love cheerleading despite not having any interest in the sport two years ago. Now, Mok is part of an all-star team, Bulletz!

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VIDEO: Blitzerz captain revives the team

Team Blitzerz disbanded in March to focus on their studies. However, captain Emma Maxim-Maddock was determined to bring back the team.

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VIDEO: Titans Senior and Junior’s support system

The cheerleading teams of SMJK Ave Maria Convent hope to put on a good show as four buses full of supporters will be travelling with them for the CHEER 2015 Finals.

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VIDEO: Vulcanz is doing all they can to fund their team

Vulcanz faced some financial difficulties due to the lack of financial support. But captain is confident they can land a spot in the top five.

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VIDEO: Xavier Senior’s Muslim cheerleaders on training through Ramadan

Xavier Senior captain Putri Nelissa Syafirah talks about the challenges faced during Ramadan month, where they had to make some adjustments to their training schedule.

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VIDEO: Calyx Junior base credits lion dance for helping her

Between school work and cheerleading, Calyx Junior base Lim Jia Qing still manages to find time for another passion – lion dance. And it has made her a better cheerleader!

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Now or never

We’re just a few days away from CHEER 2015, which promises to be bigger, better and bolder than ever.

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