Call me myth buster!

Our columnist, comedian and doctor Jason Leong, on saving the world from mumbo-jumbo, with science and sense.

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Trout pout cheat sheet

Our columnist, YouTube beauty guru Emily Quak shares the surgery-free method to getting Kylie Jenner’s inflated lips.

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Friendship dilemma

I AM a 17-year-old girl and my close friends are S and P. We have been together since Form One. However, S and P have known each other since primary school. S is friendly, cheerful and an extrovert. P is very “princess-y”, stubborn and sensitive. No one is brave enough to tell P her mistakes. […]

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Fixing things

B AND I had been friends since we were 15. I had just moved from another school and she was one of the first friends I made in my new school. At the time she was a bit of a tomboy, so most guys didn’t really like to hang out with her. However, the two […]

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Suffocating parents

While most parents are eager to let their grown up children live independently, mine are an exception. My parents are overprotective of me. I can’t stay overnight at my friend’s house or hang out with them frequently. I am not even able to join my friends for morning jogs. My parents say the restrictions are […]

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