Cosplay Crusader

Professional cosplayer Aza Miyuko talks about the pros and cons of her growing popularity. Crazy fans? Check. International fame? Check.

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ACG madness

Story and photos by ARIS ZARIL For fans of animation, comics and games (ACG) around the region, it was the event they’ve waited for all year – Comic Fiesta, Malaysia’s largest and longest-running ACG convention returned for its 11th edition on Dec 21-22. To give you an idea of just how huge ACG culture […]

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Looking east

By TAKAMASA SAKURAI TSUBASA Maeda, 25, and her younger sister Mamu, 20, yearned to be involved in the fashion industry from a young age. Now, the sisters are pioneers in importing Japanese trends overseas. Together, they operate Chu Chu, a boutique selling Lolita-style clothing they design at a shopping mall in Bangkok. Mamu has lived […]

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Seriously cosplaying

By DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM PUTTING on a costume is one thing, but actually becoming a character is taking cosplay to a whole new level. Taking things even further, local cosplayers have begun competing at regional and international cosplay competitions such as the Asia Cosplay Meet and the World Cosplay Summit. The bar is set high, […]

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Dressing up for fun

By DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM and JOANNE CHUA JAPANESE costume player (cosplayer) Kaname never reveals his real name in interviews. Widely recognised by cosplay fans for his accurate and realistic portrayals of characters such as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Kaname will be gracing the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Malaysia on June 9 […]

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Playing for real

By DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM Cosplay, a portmanteau of the words “costume” and “play” is a form of performance art in which participants use costumes and accessories to bring specific characters from video games, anime, manga and fantasy films to life. Widely regarded as Asia’s “Cosplay Queen”, 24-year-old Alodia Gosiengfiao has travelled the world performing and […]

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