A day in the life of a pro gamer

League of Legends champion the Kuala Lumpur Hunters gave us a peek on what a day in the lives of pro gamers is like.

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Nurturing young talents

By KEVIN TAN YOUNG performers who are keen to develop their talents are in for a treat as Dama Music Theatre has introduced a creative arts project for actors, singers and musicians. The SPB Dama Young Artist project, launched in conjunction with the organisation’s 20th anniversary celebration, aims to increase the knowledge, skill and […]

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Take a byte!

By KEVIN TAN and CHRISTINE CHEAH You tweet, you eat – that was the basic concept behind last week’s Nuffnang FoodFest. Instead of paying for your food from one of the many vendors at the event, all you have to do is tweet about the vendor through a special mobile app (which you can […]

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   By KEVIN TAN IF you see a square-ish photograph on your Facebook or Twitter timeline, taken recently but with some old school vibe on it, you’re most likely looking at an Instagram picture. Instagram is a photo-sharing application and a social networking site that now has more than 100,000 million registered users from […]

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What a holy-day!

By JERN KEN Photos by JASON LIOH HOW many of us actually know the extent of religious and cultural diversity in Malaysia? Well, not all of us unfortunately. I was recently involved in Projek Rumah Ibadat Kita-Brickfields, a local campaign which aims to strengthen religious tolerance among Malaysians through arts. The three-month project was […]

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Life of an exchange student

By ROXANNE LOW PAU-LING   EXCHANGE student programmes have become quite popular for young Malaysians looking for life challenges and inter-cultural experiences. This year, American Field Service Malaysia (AFS MAS) sent 34 students (including me) on such exchange programmes in various countries. In the last five months I’ve been on this programme in Germany, […]

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Last week’s tag: #Hipster

  You think being called a hipster is hard? Try getting people to tell you what they think of hipsters. We ran a #RAGEchat after last week’s cover story, and here’s what you Tweeples had to say about them: @MidorCole: Definition of a hipster: someone with too much free time and way too many personal […]

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The skinny on hipsters

By ANGELIN YEOH and IAN YEE WE all know that someone who says things like “I used to like This Band before they become a staple on the Top 40 charts” or “Lady Gaga was so much more gaga when she was just Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Now she’s just too mainstream”. Most likely, […]

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Sticking to tradition

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN and AMANDA NG YANN CHWEN THEY may fiddle with their smartphones and gadgets throughout meals, spend hours online every day and adopt Western slang into their speech, but when Chinese New Year comes around, most young people adhere to traditional practices that date back centuries. This festive season is a […]

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