You think being called a hipster is hard? Try getting people to tell you what they think of hipsters.

We ran a #RAGEchat after last week’s cover story, and here’s what you Tweeples had to say about them:

@MidorCole: Definition of a hipster: someone with too much free time and way too many personal problems… mostly unemployed.

@pepitocharms: hipster is a trendsetter? not really. when people get into the trend, hipsters jump out of it because it’s ‘trendy now’ and they want to be different.

@olzworld: well, they got to know why they are following the trend, whether they genuinely like it or are they following for the sake of following.

@randomindead: hipster is someone who is trying too hard to be cooler than any of us.

@joonsunn: Hipsterisation is over-hyped.


Some of our followers then delved into the headache-inducing topic of the “Hipster Paradox”.

@olzword: hipster is mainstream and mainstream is hipster. It’s a confusing cycle of identity crisis. It’s up to the individual I guess.

@WJayTan: Because being hipster is too mainstream, so to be a true hipster is to be mainstream.

@caramelapples: “Hipsters try too hard to be different, to impress. That separates them from people who genuinely like non-mainstream things.”


We also asked you guys about how Malaysians view local hipsters:

@AcahMadinah: Well, I ask them WHY they think (I’m a hipster) & the only thing they say is coz i’m into indie music, contemporary books & weird fashion.”

@miss_michy: “Msian hipsters not unwashed Williamsburg types. > put together + love of new/artisanal is costly, hardly a homeless indulgence”.

@Taishairina: On that note, it shouldn’t matter if you’re a hipster or not, you like what you like, who cares what you are?

@iarrod: as long as #hipsters don’t cause massive chaos, life’s a party 😉

@Rachelroarsyou: I guess there are some who just dress up as hippies for the sake of it but some truly embraces the hipster culture (:

@tcchip: on the other hand had a whole new definition for hipsters. He said: “No, being anti-mainstream is the new hipster. Unless you just had a hip replacement. Now that’s a real hipster.”

— Compiled by Angelin Yeoh.

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