Last week’s tag: #Hipster

  You think being called a hipster is hard? Try getting people to tell you what they think of hipsters. We ran a #RAGEchat after last week’s cover story, and here’s what you Tweeples had to say about them: @MidorCole: Definition of a hipster: someone with too much free time and way too many personal […]

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The skinny on hipsters

By ANGELIN YEOH and IAN YEE WE all know that someone who says things like “I used to like This Band before they become a staple on the Top 40 charts” or “Lady Gaga was so much more gaga when she was just Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Now she’s just too mainstream”. Most likely, […]

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The Right Direction

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN Photo by ONIN LORENTE AFTER 10 years in the fashion industry, fashion director and Hanger magazine editor Sueann Chong feels like she is right where she should be. For the past year, she has spent her days doing exactly what she loves – running Hanger, an unconventional bi-annual fashion magazine. […]

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Moments in fashion

JUST about every fashion column in the world will be writing about the same thing this week, so I thought I’d give our roundup of fashion trends a youthful spin. Youth culture is forever changing. In fact, youths are so diverse it’s impossible to zero in on just one trend young people are “into” right […]

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