Keyboard heroes

We’ve all seen keyboard warriors at work before, flaming Facebook and yapping on YouTube. Now, get ready to meet the Keyboard Heroes. A group of students from IACT College launched an initiative last week to get rid of cyberbullying by encouraging their friends to be keyboard heroes instead of warriors. Not sure what the difference […]

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This week’s tag: #Cybertroopers

Everyone has been talking about the importance of digital media in the upcoming general election – social networks in particular. Supporters of political parties have been cranking up their output, engaging in discussions, debates and, unfortunately, quite a bit of trolling as well. But is any of it working? For all the effort that’s being […]

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Virtual Punks

Virtual bullying One in three Malaysian children are victims. By KEVIN TAN and PHYLLIS HO FOR Tam Xueh Wei, 16, being verbally abused on the Internet is nothing new – just because she’s a Justin Bieber fan. She’s been called names so bad we’re not even allowed to *bleep* them out in print. Like […]

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