Everyone has been talking about the importance of digital media in the upcoming general election – social networks in particular.

Supporters of political parties have been cranking up their output, engaging in discussions, debates and, unfortunately, quite a bit of trolling as well.

But is any of it working? For all the effort that’s being put into campaigning on social media, are the youth of Malaysia (presumably the main target of these campaigns) actually being swayed?

We decided to run a quick #RAGEchat to find out what some of our Tweeples think, and here’s what they had to say:

There’s a lot of political campaigning in social media now. Would you change your vote based on what you see on social media? #GE13

@angain403: Use of social media 4 political campaigning is overrated. Final decision will b made on the reality of situation.
@visakann: @khairykj social media is a way of sending out information. You should decide your vote based on the info you have.  So yes.

@geminianeyes: Considering that a lot of them are going for character assassination, yes, partially.

@Kyp_Lim: Main conditions (IMO) for social media campaigning to work: properly engaging voter base, and also less personal attacks… The way most politicians use it now isn’t the best way to use it.

@kakayy: Nope… Social media can be misleading sometimes.

@itscarmenhong: I won’t. There are a lot more factors I’d consider before casting my vote.

Shai Nizam (via Facebook): Unfortunately, I see more bashing of each other from both sides rather than focusing on their past achievements and the promises they have for the future.

@SageCapricious: Nope. Social media are mostly biased and misleading.

@DrS94: I would look beyond social media to fully understand the candidates’ policies. Cyberspace is just another way of reaching out to people. It’s the content that matters not so much the means of delivery.

@syamsulPS: No. Most of them are too emotional and it looks dumb.

@Vissagan: Well it depends. Cos most campaigning doesn’t involve them talking abt their own high points, but rather their opponents’ low points.

@YiEnChan96: It’s more of what they do than what they say. No use talking about abt it if u dun do something

@FlapJacqs: Nope. It will all depend on what I see around me, if I’m comfortable with how my country is right now compared to before.


Just had a very candid interview with @SaifuddinAbd about #GE13 and #cybertroopers. Any thoughts on social media campaigning?
@davidlian: I look fwd to that interview. I’ve nothing against campaigning. But #cybertroopers #trolling is another thing @SaifuddinAbd
@Nashman: @saifuddinabd #cybertroopers are bad all around, as they engage with non intellectual methods
@camancher2012: Rather than campaigning they r attacking/insulting potential voters. Shameful!!!
@saifuddinabd: #Cybertroopers #GE13 I prefer saying good things abt our products thn saying bad things abt othr products.

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