Learning about grooming

Unicef will be running a series of public town hall events across the country, where parents and teenagers can learn more about child sexual grooming.

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The business of doing good

Young female social entrepreneurs share why Malaysia is one of the best places in the world to grow their careers.

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Chilling at Churpout

IAN YEE and CHRISTINE CHEAH  IT was an event that was trending on Twitter by around noon – even before the real party had started. That should give you an idea of what #ChurpOut2013 was all about. ChurpOut is an annual festival organised by social media community ChurpChurp that brings together popular social media […]

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Take a byte!

By KEVIN TAN and CHRISTINE CHEAH You tweet, you eat – that was the basic concept behind last week’s Nuffnang FoodFest. Instead of paying for your food from one of the many vendors at the event, all you have to do is tweet about the vendor through a special mobile app (which you can […]

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Political troopers

  By IAN YEE and CHRISTINA CHIN THERE are quite a few different terms for Internet bullies – cyberbullies, keyboard warriors, flamers, trolls, etc. Now, thanks to the upcoming general election, you can add “cybertroopers” to that list. Cybertroopers are basically election campaign volunteers. The only difference is they do their work online. Over […]

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This week’s tag: #Cybertroopers

Everyone has been talking about the importance of digital media in the upcoming general election – social networks in particular. Supporters of political parties have been cranking up their output, engaging in discussions, debates and, unfortunately, quite a bit of trolling as well. But is any of it working? For all the effort that’s being […]

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Striving to lose

By AMANDA SOO Is social media to blame for making girls more obsessed than ever with being thin? TWO months ago, America’s Next Top Model judge and fashion blogger Bryanboy was accused of encouraging ‘thinspiration’ among his 350,000 followers when he tweeted “Mark your calendars kids! You have less than a month to lose […]

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What is ‘thinspiration’?

The term thinspiration, or thinspo for short, derives from the words ‘thin’ and ‘inspiration’. Thinspiration is the use of images and quotes to motivate an individual to lose weight or to remain thin. Often used interchangeably with the term pro-anorexia or pro-ana, websites that promote thinspiration were originally used to as a support group for […]

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Grabbing hold of #Merdeka

By DAVID LIAN   When I was about nine, a trip to the “Pusat Sumber” (resource centre) in school was a real treat not to be missed. So whenever the teacher asked us to “go outside and line up”, we would hurriedly do so, eagerly awaiting whatever video was about to be shown to […]

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  By KEVIN TAN and PHYLLIS HO ONE fine day, Chee Yun Sam, a 22-year-old model, started getting a barrage of angry tweets and messages from his friends. Apparently, Chee had posted something rather racist on his Twitter account, and a lot of people weren’t taking too kindly to it. Only problem was – […]

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