YouTubers go offline

By FIONA CHAN   MALAYSIA held its very first official YouTuber event, OMG Live, at The Actors Studio, Kuala Lumpur last Sunday. OMG, which stands for On Malaysian Grounds, featured the five most prominent players on the Malaysian YouTube scene – JinnyBoyTV, Germani Productions, Dan Khoo Productions, The Ming Thing and Grim Film. In […]

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Generasi YouTube

By IAN YEE and KEVIN TAN IF the term “YouTuber” is new to you, don’t worry – we hadn’t heard of it either, at least not until we spoke to Jin Lim, 27, the main man behind the My Generasi viral hit video. And no, it’s not a social network for potato lovers (geddit? […]

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Keyboard Warriors

With the dawn of the YouTubers era has come a brand new generation of warriors – fearless, unyielding, and ultimately, brainless. Introducing the Keyboard Warriors, the band of little people who wage war on the Internet with unwarranted, vitriolic and indiscriminate criticism of any material posted on the Internet. Attacking the work of others online, […]

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The best of YouTubers!

Popular Youtubers You Should Check Out!: International 1. Nigahiga Hit count: 1.1 billion Subscribers: 5.2 million Some call Nigahiha the King of Youtube. He captures his audience with his hillarious parodies, spoofs, to skits and short films. 2. Smosh Hit count: 1.3 billion Subscribers: 4.5 million Smosh is a comedy duo that consists of Ian […]

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