Popular Youtubers You Should Check Out!:


1. Nigahiga
Hit count: 1.1 billion
Subscribers: 5.2 million

Some call Nigahiha the King of Youtube. He captures his audience with his hillarious parodies, spoofs, to skits and short films.

2. Smosh
Hit count: 1.3 billion
Subscribers: 4.5 million

Smosh is a comedy duo that consists of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilia. They are committed and determined to entertain. These whackos do whatever it takes to give you a good time watching their looney tunes. They now have their own website.

3. Wong Fu Productions
Hit count: 156 million
Subscribers: 1.1 million

These guys need no introduction. Wong Fu Productions is one of the most widely known filmmakers on Youtube, most notable for their short films and music videos. Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, Philip Wang, who are the trio behind the works of Wong Fu Productions began knowing each other as dormmates, and now fulfilling their passion as filmmakers.

4. KevJumba
Hit count: 268 million
Subscribers: 2.3 million

This Taiwanese American comedian – going by the name of KevJumba (Kevin Wu) – is the 17th most subscribed comedian on Youtube. The film major at the University of California, Davis. has partnered with HBO, performed in concerts around the world, and started his a charity channel called ‘Jumbafund’ that has 600,000 subscribers in its own right.

5. Charlieissocoollike
Hit Count: 223 million
Subscribers: 1.4 million

Charlie Mcdonnell a.k.a Charlieisocoollike is a vlogger, musician, and nerd. And this guy has one of the biggest followings in Britain. Viewers find what he calls random for his videos interesting. Charlie is also one of the founding members of the band Chameleon Circuit.


1. Dan Khoo
Hit count: 220,000
Subscribers: 2,427

This economic graduate has done various short films in different genres – from action to romance – with titles such as School of War and One Valentine. He has been prolific since putting up his first video in July 2011, and subscribers to ‘Dan Khoo Productions’ have responded enthusiastically.

Hit count: 298,000
Subscribers: 1,996

Grim Film started out in November 2011 with Jared Lee’d desire to translate his idea of a simple story into film. The idea he imagined became The Long Distance Relationship which was one of the top 10 finalists in the BMW Shorties 2011. It also garnered invites ito screen at Germany’s 58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2012, and at Wong Fu Productions live in Malaysia. Grim Film comprises of Jared, Roy Ajong, and Po Joo.

3. Joseph Germani
Hit count: 1.6 million
Subscribers: 12,000

He is one of the most popular Youtubers in Malaysia and in fact, he is the country’s #1 most subscribed comedian on Youtube.He has also collaborated with many Youtubers from other countries. His vlogs are fun and vibrant, just like the person himself. If you didn’t know, Joseph is the very person who started the #LikeALouSAi trend on Twitter.

4. The Ming Thing
Hit count: 370, 000
Subscribers: 2,262

Up and coming Youtuber, psychology major Ho Ming Han, is behind the production of the short film Alone, Forever. Believe it or not,  ‘The Ming Thing’ – that’s his nickname – had no experience in production or film making, but he is now vlogging regularly and also plays musical covers on his Youtube channel.

5. Matluthfi90
Hit count: 11 million
Subscribers: 65,000

Next up, we have Matlufthi90, who prefers to go by his online nickname. This charismatic and humorous personality has been vlogging for more than three years now and has one of the biggest hits and followings in Malaysia. Matlufthi’s topics are current and relevant, and he vlogs about everything from his daily life stories to social issues, spinning them in an entertaining and humorous manner.

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