Generasi YouTube

By IAN YEE and KEVIN TAN IF the term “YouTuber” is new to you, don’t worry – we hadn’t heard of it either, at least not until we spoke to Jin Lim, 27, the main man behind the My Generasi viral hit video. And no, it’s not a social network for potato lovers (geddit? […]

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The best of YouTubers!

Popular Youtubers You Should Check Out!: International 1. Nigahiga Hit count: 1.1 billion Subscribers: 5.2 million Some call Nigahiha the King of Youtube. He captures his audience with his hillarious parodies, spoofs, to skits and short films. 2. Smosh Hit count: 1.3 billion Subscribers: 4.5 million Smosh is a comedy duo that consists of Ian […]

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