By SARENRAJ RAJENDRAN MANY of us try to like our jobs or work out a living doing something we like. Unfortunately, very few people manage to achieve that, mainly because we do not have control over the many variables in life that pave the way to a desired future. At the tender age of […]

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Last week’s tag: #Depression

ONE mother’s quest to help depressed teenagers find hope before they resort to suicide inspired our cover story last week on #depression. Dr. Florance Sinniah’s “Know the SIGN” campaign has been providing talks, depression screenings and volunteer counsellors to schools in Penang and Kedah; helping students realise they are not alone in feeling depressed or […]

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Signs of suicide

By CHRISTINA CHIN Two months ago, it was reported that suicide rates were on the rise in Malaysia. Now that statistic might not seem particularly relevant or alarming to most young people, maybe this one will – according to Dr Florance Sinniah, suicide is the second leading cause of death among Malaysians aged 12 […]

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Overcoming depression

By ANGELIN YEOH and KEVIN TAN MOST of us would find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. We‘d be tempted to just turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. But then reality kicks it and before you know it, you’re getting ready for work or school. For Jasmine […]

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Virtual group hugs

By IAN YEE IF YOU think that youths only use social media to announce what they had had for lunch, or try to bring down a Ugandan warlord by clicking “Like”, think again. While the “slacktivism” debate rages on in the aftermath of Kony 2012, a group of young people has decided to take […]

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Not the final score

By SAW JHUE VERN and DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM   ROSHAN Agilent didn’t score straight As for his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination, and he was thoroughly shattered even though his lowest grade was B. “When I found out about my results, I couldn’t even look at the slip. All I did was walk away. Even […]

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