Sexual abuse victims share their stories with R.AGE

Sexual abuse survivors have been sharing their stories with R.AGE, hoping it will help others who are going through what they did.

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Olympics Rio 2016 Olympic Games

How Google Maps is changing Rio de Janeiro’s favelas

The slum-like favelas in Olympic city Rio de Janeiro are slowly progressing as Google helps local businesses by putting them on the map – literally.

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Petroleum Crude Oil Prices Crisis Sarawak

How the global oil crisis has hit the city of Miri, Sarawak

The city of Miri, Sarawak has been hit hard by the global oil crisis, and its young people are bearing the the brunt of it.

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Mobile, WeChat, Chat Apps, Line, BeeTalk, Child sexual exploitation, pedophiles

Dangerous connections

Chat apps like WeChat and BeeTalk are designed to appeal to teenagers, but that also makes them a perfect hunting ground for child sex predators.

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My undercover date with a sex predator, Vol. 2

Fast food, friendly conversation and a very indecent proposal.

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