Stranger than fiction

By DENIELLE LEONG IMAGINE this: Bella Swan settles down with an average Joe in the Upper East Side, sans sparkly vampires. Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away, Harry Potter is battling the Dark Side as a Jedi Knight. “Preposterous!” you might say, but it’s really nothing out of the ordinary in the strange […]

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Amazon supports fan fiction

PROBABLY the biggest dream of fan fiction writers around the world (apart from vampire Harry Potter, Jedi Spock, Legolas in The Avengers, etc.) is now a reality. They can now get paid for all the hundreds of pages of fanfic they produce, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Worlds. Amazon has secured licenses with companies like Warner […]

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Copying it right

SO far, there hasn’t been a major lawsuit involving a fan fiction author being sued for infringement of copyright. But according to copyright lawyer Ken St. James (pic), it’s best to stay on the safe side and obtain consent from the original author anyway. “Even if it’s just published online, it can still be an […]

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Playing someone else

By DENIELLE LEONG WHILE most fan fiction writers enjoy making up stories on their own, A-Levels student Nurhanani Fazlur Rahman, 19, prefers the unique collaborative effort involved in “role-play fanfic”. And she doesn’t do her writing on forum boards like most of the others in the genre – she does it on Tumblr, as […]

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Top 5 weirdest fanfics

WHILE most fanfics are pretty harmless, there are some that are just wrong. Be warned: some of this stuff is NSFW and NOT meant for kids… A Hobbit Named Scooby Doo That’s right, folks. It’s a crossover between Lord Of The Rings and Scooby Doo. Look out for a Fred-Daphne-Legolas love triangle and other adventures. […]

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Fan-fiction 101

FOR the uninitiated, fan fiction might seem like a strange, foreign world of wizards, Jedi warriors, Dothraki queens and glittery vampires all lumped together. So here are a few basic terms you should know before exploring this universe: > Canon – The original literary pieceused as reference for fan-fiction. Pre-canon and post-canon fan-fictions are stories […]

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