WHILE most fanfics are pretty harmless, there are some that are just wrong. Be warned: some of this stuff is NSFW and NOT meant for kids…

A Hobbit Named Scooby Doo

That’s right, folks. It’s a crossover between Lord Of The Rings and Scooby Doo. Look out for a Fred-Daphne-Legolas love triangle and other adventures.

On Pandora

Bella and Edward join the Avatar programme in Pandora. This piece is stuffed, layered and glazed with cliches, so keep a bucket handy.

Sad Songs To Keep Me Awake

Who wants to see the JoBros toughen up for war? This X-rated Band of Brothers crossover promises lots of hard action (*hint hint*).

Severus Snape: Professor And Lover

Snape brings the dark arts into the Teletubbies’s world. ‘Nuff saidIf you’re an adventurer with a provocative side, then this could be the fanfic for you.

30 Day Boyfriend

There’s no way we could leave Justin Bieber out of this list. Here’s a 32,000-word novella for all you Beliebers out there. No description needed.

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