Top 5 weirdest fanfics

WHILE most fanfics are pretty harmless, there are some that are just wrong. Be warned: some of this stuff is NSFW and NOT meant for kids… A Hobbit Named Scooby Doo That’s right, folks. It’s a crossover between Lord Of The Rings and Scooby Doo. Look out for a Fred-Daphne-Legolas love triangle and other adventures. […]

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Jonas joy in KL

By KEVIN TAN THIS is how you make a come back: perform in front of a screaming crowd of thousands of people. After three years spent apart, the Jonas Brothers reunited for a world tour that ended with a concert at Stadium Negara last Wednesday for about 3,000 fans. It was the first time […]

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Back with a bang

By PHYLLIS HO KEVIN Jonas has Yuna’s music on his phone. How cool is that? When asked during a Skype interview if the Jonas Brothers were familiar with any Malaysian singers, the eldest of the trio showed us a Yuna album cover on his mobile phone. The 24-year-old singer even played a short clip […]

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Starting anew

THE new year is usually a time for new beginnings and resolutions. I could think of a few celebrities who could benefit from a few changes…

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Joe going solo

One third of the Jonas Brothers phenomenon has decided to fly solo. Errm..did we miss some kind of a drama among the brothers?

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Joe Jonas leaving his bros behind?

Nick has his own project and Joe might just follow suit. What will talentless, and less handsome Kevin do? Arrghhh….

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In celebrities’ business

There is no better rush in the world than finally getting to meet the celebrity you’ve been crushing on all your life. Honestly!

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