There is no better rush in the world than finally getting to meet the celebrity you’ve been crushing on all your life. Honestly!

Ten years ago (okay, stop trying to calculate my age!) I had a huge crush on Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Eh, don’t you dare call me lame…he was the biggest thing in the entertainment industry when I was still a shy and innocent schoolgirl, okay!

Then, Nick literally became one of the biggest thing in the entertainment industry – nevermind about that post-Paris Hilton weight gain – but when I finally met him face to face in Singapore last month (the Boys were down for the Singapore F1 concert), a slim and trim Nick greeted me. *swoon*

That is what I love about my job – besides an excellent editor, amazing asst. editor, wonderful sub-editor, two awesome colleagues and the occasional intern (enough apple-polishing guys?). The fact that I get to meet celebrities, even the ones that I crushed on years ago.

If you hadn’t already known, I’m crazy over celebrities. Every morning, I scour through gossip sites and blogs (in the name of work, for real) and read up all about them – even the celebrities that I love to hate. I just have to know about them all!

How else would I know what antics Lindsay Lohan had been up to while I was sleeping? Partying till 6am, with Paris  and Brandon Davis (the man responsible for the term ‘Firecrotch’) and doing funny business in the bathroom for paparazzi to catch. Tsk, tsk…how could you, Linds?

It is so obvious that it is her in the bathroom and yet, she had the audacity to state this on her official Twitter account.


Uggh, if only I had met her while she was in Singapore last month! We were in the same hotel and despite my many prayers to bump into her in the elevator or washroom, there was no such luck.

I had to settle for the sight of  ZZ Top walking around cluelessly at the hotel lobby. If only that was LiLo!  I would have totally given her a piece of my mind and tell her to pull herself together, for goodness sake!

Another celeb that I really want to have a talk with is Rihanna. What in the world is that girl thinking wearing nonsense and parading her nippulary area (are you a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan?) for all to see? Last week, I got the news that I was being sent to London (on an all-expense paid trip) to watch Rihanna in concert and interview her. Yeay me!

Wow, finally, my chance to know what exactly goes on in her head when she’s picking an outfit to wear and putting lame track (Russian Roulette) as her first single (off Rated ‘R’), I thought. But unfortunately, the trip got cancelled…=(… Aw, shucks! Maybe next time I’ll get a phone interview at least.

Then I’d know if Rihanna is as entertaining as she’s made up to be or if is she total let down like Kevin Jonas  (the Jonas Brothers) was when I spoke to him last week. Double ughh! Read my ‘oh-so-exciting” phone conversation with Kevin here.

Well, I gotta go now. The gossip pages are beckoning me. Let me read them all and I’ll keep you posted with the latest dirt and goss, ok? You know where to find me.



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