Isn’t it awesome when you get to do something you like for a living?

On R.AGE this coming Wednesday, I’ll be writing about why, as a journalist, I’ve always been taken by the idea of blogging. But here’s a bit of a prequel to that article, since prequels have been all the rage in the past decade.

The reason I’m fascinated by blogs is because I’ve always enjoyed writing, and blogging is like one of the most fun and uninhibited ways of doing that.

Unfortunately, that didn’t quite come off in my first ever blog post written about a year and a half ago:

I’m finally hip! (that’s the welcome message wordpress gives you when you sign up) At least that’s according to wordpress. Finally I’ve learned what was missing in my boring, miserable life and can now step into a world of fun, excitement, social integration, self-discovery and most importantly, self-indulgent ranting about my distinctly uneventful life with others just as miserable as myself.

Like I’m doing right now. Fan-damn-tastic.

That was my first post on, and my last. It was part of a multimedia workshop conducted by the company to get all us Star reporters prepared for the “future of journalism”, which ironically has been preached for so long it kinda feels like the past now. Newspapers still rule! Booyah!

So since I’ve been always fascinated by blogging, and I enjoy writing so much, you’re probably wondering (that’s just me assuming people give a crap about me) why I’ve only had one miserable, sarcastic post after all these years as a journalism student, reporter and Internet junkie.

The answer is simple. I’m still a lazy, unmotivated kid who’d rather spend his precious free afternoons watching old episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Scrubs.

(Just so you know, my life-long goals include starting a band and being a sessionist (and playing for Manchester United, but I think I might just be a bit behind schedule on that one), but even then I almost never find the motivation to practice or work on it. That’s just me. Anybody feels the same way?)

For those of you that think those celebrity bloggers are just sitting around having money thrown at them by advertisers, you’re wrong (at least I think so… I wouldn’t know cos I’m not one… Yet 😉 ).

It actually takes quite a bit of work to be self-involved… Kidding! What I really mean is that when you’re publishing your life to the world, it can pretty much take up most of your life. You have to keep your readers updated with interesting stories, pictures and fun gimmicks to keep your audience interested. And trust me, audiences can be pretty fussy and A.D.D. these days.

Thankfully, now blogging has become part of my jobscope, and I can finally give it a real go. Of course, it’s gonna be a real steep learning curve for me, since I’m pretty much a super-late adopter now (not as late as Rafa Benitez with man marking… Snap!!). Our resident blogspert Niki Cheong is probably already pulling his hair out now going “how many times must I tell you to keep blog posts SHORT!!”

So, to help me avoid being yelled at by my editors every day, feel free to leave comments about how this blog is going, discuss articles that I’ve published, or simply to say hi and talk about stuff.

Until the next post, this has been The One With The Blogging.

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