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IS blogging becoming a thing of the past, or shall we say, so 2012? In our previous cover story, R.AGE touched on the subject of blogging, and what the future has in stall for the medium – if it has a future at all. With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, anyone can post […]

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No new updates

By ANGELIN YEOH THE last time Daniel Subramaniam updated his blog was about six months ago. So far, he has uploaded 13 blog entries this year, compared to the 57 entries he made in 2011. It looks like Daniel has gone slighty off the blogging radar. “I think blogging is dying soon. With social […]

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Pictures that speak

By Jason Goh – When I first started blogging, my posts were purely just text … like almost everyone else’s. I soon realised, though, that the “daily reports” can be much more interesting if we know what to add on to the post, and also how we manage the whole thing. It’s like adding salt and sugar to a tasteless dish to whet the appetite, and maybe even get people to keep coming back for more.

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Sass up your blog

I was in London last week to interview top Singaporean blogger Wendy Cheng who was visiting the city for the first time with her fiance.

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All your blogs are belong to us

The wonder of social media — and the Internet at large — is not the wealth of information out there. Instead, it is really how the information is shared.

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All the world’s a-Twittering

The fact that I am addicted to Twitter is, unfortunately, not even a secret anymore.

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Bloggin’ about bloggin’

Isn’t it awesome when you get to do something you like for a living?

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