Jump and snap

By JASON GOH YOU have probably seen pictures of people doing it. Maybe, you’ve even tried doing it yourself, while others might have thought about attempting to do it, but never did. We’re talking about jumping, specifically, jumping in pictures. Every now and then, some of us would get the urge to take pictures […]

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Telling The Stories

By JASON GOH MANY people say that street photography is one of the hardest to master. That’s probably because there are too many things to capture, and often times we do not know what to focus on and what to filter. Besides requiring the ability to capture the right things and at the right […]

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Picture perfect landscapes

  By JASON GOH SOMETIMES, while travelling, you will come to a place with a breathtaking scene. Whether it’s a skyscraper, or rolling hills and valley, or just a busy street with colourful billboards and lights, these sceneries make for perfect pictures. And what better way to show them off than to use them in […]

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Manipulating images

By Jason Goh – Some people say that a good photograph is captured with the best skills, complimented by the appropriate composition, lens, camera, lighting and subject.

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Food pictures

By jason Goh – It’s not at all uncommon these days to see people snapping pictures of their food, be it at roadside stalls or posh restaurants. It has become a norm for people to photograph their meals, and share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or at some forum or another.

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Pictures that speak

By Jason Goh – When I first started blogging, my posts were purely just text … like almost everyone else’s. I soon realised, though, that the “daily reports” can be much more interesting if we know what to add on to the post, and also how we manage the whole thing. It’s like adding salt and sugar to a tasteless dish to whet the appetite, and maybe even get people to keep coming back for more.

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