IS blogging becoming a thing of the past, or shall we say, so 2012?

In our previous cover story, R.AGE touched on the subject of blogging, and what the future has in stall for the medium – if it has a future at all.

With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, anyone can post a photo or text instantly.
We took it to our #RAGEchat to see what our readers think about blogging and if they see it going anywhere in 2013.

@thestar_rage: Who here blogs and how long have you been blogging? What do you mostly blog about?
@Adam_Lim: In the past, I treated it like a diary. Now, it’s mainly for music reviews, just started this year.
@Erizandria: I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years and I blog about everything. From my feelings, to fiction, to my thoughts about life.
@yeeshienIZED: blog about all the issues i don’t tweet about but need to let out.
@thetempremental: I’m still blogging – even after four on-and-off years in the blogosphere. Nothing much to blog safely nowadays.

@thestar_rage: Why do you think some bloggers are not active anymore?
@Kyp_Lim: I suppose some people can’t cope with the pressure of continually updating blogs with substantial content. Like me.
@Qayzr: i stopped blogging actively coz the blogging scene is too saturated. Too much. #bloggedout
@jumeiii: I think blogging has lost its meaning. These days, it’s all about money, audience and fame #bloggedout
@jasonmumbles: It’s saturated because you are seeing/reading the same bloggers again and again which is bad.
@nazu2308: Another reason might be because of the public. Some bloggers get too much negative comments that they eventually stop.
@carmensakura07: all those who blog for fame & audience are crap. blogging should be for yourself. I dunno bout u but I blog for my sanity.

@thestar_rage: For those who feel #bloggedout, would you consider blogging again?
@jasonmumbles: Twitter/FB is more convenient but it’s tough looking back when you want to and that’s when my blog comes in.
@syzulqahar: I am considering blogging again. Though posting updates on Twitter is more convenient, I find blogging nearer to the heart.
@NathalieTXL: Twitter and Facebook just don’t have the same feel as blogging. People tend to take you more seriously on blogs.
@leeynesh_argent: it won’t feel the same. But Twitter/Facebook will be better for any fast updates! 😀

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