Game On!

R.AGE is giving away 10 free pairs of tickets to this year’s ultimate event, the Garena Cyber Games!

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Shoutcasting 101

Local shoutcasters Aaron “Panda” Lim and Sean-Li “Lii” Murmann give R.AGE the low down on what shoutcasting really is.

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Something to shout about

Two dedicated young shoutcasters are pioneering their craft in the local e-sports scene.

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USD1 million prize pool for 2015 Call of Duty Championship

The 2015 Call of Duty Championship has been set for March 27-29 in Los Angeles.

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e-Sports should be in Olympics, says WoW creator Rob Pardo

World of Warcraft creator Rob Pardo thinks there’s a “very good argument” e-sports should be included into the list of Olympic Games.

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A league of their own

Professional League of Legends players from Kuala Lumpur Hunters are living the dream – getting paid to play computer games.

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Get Personal: Retired pro gamers

Two retired pro League of Legends gamers tell us about life after gaming.

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Watch the latest World of Warcraft documentary live!

World of Warcraft: Looking for Group is the latest gaming documentary set to join the ranks of games like Dota 2 and League of Legends.

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International TableTop Day!

Most of you, like me, will more likely be already playing our boardgames and what-not, regularly.   But once in a while, a special event comes along, and gives us extra reason to be proud of being boardgamers or card gamers. March 30 is apparently International TableTop Day, where you and me are supposed to […]

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The legend continues

When we talk about trading card games (TCGs), the titles that surely come to our minds are Magic: The Gathering, World Of Warcraft and of course, Pokemon. What many fail to remember is that there are scores of other TCGs out there, with their own niche followings and communities. One of these niche games is […]

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