Funny side up

Comedian Jason Leong and his merry band of misfits are about to serve Malaysian college students a large dose of humour.

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Instant replay

A social video broadcast allowed cheerleading fans around the world to tune into the CHEER 2015 Finals.

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Shining stars

An ambitious youth-driven social enterprise is aiming to light up rural areas in Malaysia, one solar-powered lamp at a time.

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Five young people get their hearing tested!

They’re guilty of listening to loud music. But has their hearing been compromised already?

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Stress-free date nights

The founders of a new dating website hope to make date nights a breeze for busy urban couples.

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Porn link to crime

Real cases tying Malaysians to smut – in a very bad way.

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Marriage, Divorce, Malaysia

Why divorce is on the rise in Malaysia

Divorce rates in Malaysia are almost double they were in 2004. So, what’s changed about marriage?

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The future of radio

Star Radio Group COO Kudsia Kahar on why radio is proving more popular than ever with young people.

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Super market star

Eight Malaysian celebs hop aboard CELEB.TRADR, a thrilling eight-week crash course in trading, armed with RM15,000 and a financial wizard each.

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Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3’s first casualty

An exclusive interview with Shareeta Selvaraj, the first contestant booted off the newly-premiered Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3.

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