Realty bites

Young real estate agents are tired of homeowners’ racial preferences, but face an uphill battle for change.

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A meeting of (great) minds

A group of lucky youngsters will be meeting our Prime Minister at the Cap10 ASEAN CEO Summit this Thursday.

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Room for racism

Students speak up about the racial discrimination in the room rental market.

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Property, Rental, Racism, Rooms, Sign

Room-hunting college students face racial discrimination

Homeowners often advertise a racial preference – and university students looking for a place to stay sometimes have no choice but to put up with it.

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Property, Rental, Racism, Rooms, Sign

Experiment: Calling landlords whose ads state a “preferred race”

Our reporter calls a whole bunch of room-for-rent ads to see if her faith in humanity will be restored.

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Win a ride on F&N’s Fun Blast Party Bus!

As I sank into a deliciously soft seat facing a gigantic flat screen television playing raucous music videos, I couldn’t help but think: now this is a party! As if in agreement, the mixologist in the far corner plopped a chunk of ice into a glass and mixed up a concoction that had my mouth […]

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Don’t think. Just. Don’t.

Comedian Kuah Jenhan’s alter-ego Jon Mayor assumes leadership of the fictitious non-thinking North Bangsar at the creative arts festival Urbanscapes 2014.

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Somebody that you need to know

R.AGE caught up with Kiwi sensation Kimbra ahead of her eagerly-anticipated star turn at Urbanscapes 2014.

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Get Personal: Retired pro gamers

Two retired pro League of Legends gamers tell us about life after gaming.

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