Comedian Kuah Jenhan has always had multiple tricks hidden up his sleeves, but it now emerges that he has an entire alter-ego hidden within the folds of his multi-pronged personality.

Taking the bull by the horns, Jenhan’s doppelganger Jon Mayor has established a totalitarian hold over the farcical Democratic Mayor’s Republic of North Bangsar, housed within the creative arts festival Urbanscapes.

In this land, fashioned out of the Thinking Act 2015 – which strictly prohibits thinking of any sort – Jon leads 26 die-hard followers (and one pony) into a world where absolutely no thinking is required and indeed, thinking itself is (horror of horrors!) a crime.

Produced by Jenhan and TerryandTheCuz, North Bangsar offers Urbanscapes festival-goers an immersive experience akin to walking onto a reality show – they’ll get to explore North Bangsar and meet Jon Mayor – the great leader himself!

In this exclusive interview, Jon Mayor discusses the perils, evils, cons, pitfalls, hazards and liabilities of thinking.

1) What are the dangers of thinking too much?
I don’t know. I have never thought about it.

2) What are the dangers of thinking too little?
I was thinking about it, but I am not sure.

3) If everyone in the world didn’t think for themselves, what sort of world would we live in?
We would live in a great world made of people brimming with selflessness. Thinking for oneself is selfish! Let me, Jon Mayor, think on your behalf. Outsource your thoughts to North Bangsar. For enquiries, please send pigeon mail to Desk of Jon Mayor, Urbanscapes 2014, Horse Ranch, Genting.

4) Is Jon Mayor a good leader? Does he monitor the price of vegetables and such in his non-thinking state?
I believe I am a good leader. No one has said otherwise. One time someone from TerryandTheCuz said something so I offered him citizenship and now they just obey. In fact, I recently told them to work with me on increasing the tourists to North Bangsar. They’re doing okay and have stopped thinking since.
Yes, everything in North Bangsar from alcoholic medicine in our pharmacy, to our propaganda sales centre, to our fine art gallery is heavily curated. I personally have graciously agreed to display some of my finest work in the gallery. We even have a working reflexology centre in our red-light-district. We only want the best for our citizens and their immigrant friends.

Jon Mayor encourages not thinking. Ever. (Photo by Urbanscapes)

Jon Mayor encourages not thinking. Ever. (Photo by Urbanscapes)

5) If thinking is a crime, what else should be made a crime?
Ethical journalism.

6) Where would Jon Mayor go if he wanted to secretly *gasp* think?
I usually hide out in The Mayor’s Silence, also known as Kediaman Mayor to do secret activities.

7) What has Jon Mayor got up his sleeves for Urbanscapes?
To celebrate another day of being Mayor, I, always gracious, have decided to treat my strong population and 1 pony called Pony Eusoff to shows by Hameer Zawawi, Faiq & The Manja Mob, Lawrence Graham, Kuah Jenhan & Rakan Rakan’s Comedy Hour, Brian Gomez, Azmyl Yunor & Orkes Padu and then I will be closing the night by playing a special DJ set with my two consorts +2db.

Catch the full show at Urbanscapes in Horse Ranch, Resorts World Genting this Dec 6.

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