This guy crossed a desert to promote HIV awareness

Young people now make up the majority of new HIV infections. Red Ribbon youth icon Jeff Lau hopes to change that.

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Everyone and you

By SHARMILA NAIR Rizal (not his real name) has been sexually active since he was 19. He has had multiple partners and it was only two years ago that he learned about the condom and its use in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. By then, he had already been diagnosed as HIV positive. “I have […]

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#RAGEchat: #WorldAIDSDay

ACCORDING to Rumah Solehah (a home for women and children living with HIV) project coordinator Fathiiah Hamzah, ignorance on HIV and AIDS-related issues is still prevalent among young people. The statistics released by the Malaysian AIDS Council’s Red Ribbon Youth Club shows that for every four cases of new HIV infection in 2011, one was […]

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Advocating awareness

By SHARMILA NAIR and ANGELIN YEOH YOU are HIV positive. Don’t touch us!” That is one of the taunts 13-year-old Alina has to endure every time she gets into an argument with her schoolmates. “They promised they won’t tell anyone, but whenever we argue, that’s the first thing they point out,” said a Alina, […]

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Risky business

By ANGELIN YEOH, PHYLLIS HO and FOO JEAN-NI SUE (not her real name), a 19-year-old sex worker, believes in gargling with mouthwash after servicing her clients with oral sex. She believes it’s a form of protection. “Clients don’t like getting oral sex with condoms on. So I protect myself from getting sexually transmitted disease […]

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Azwin Andy laces up to save lives

The Estranged drummer, Azwin Andy, was clean shaven the last time I saw him on TV, so when a scruffy looking Azwin greeted me, I was a little taken aback.

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Travis McCoy spreads awareness

The Gym Class Heroes lead singer is not just another dime a dozen pierced and tatted up musician. He also works hard to spread awareness on HIV and AIDS.

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Travis McCoy’s Unbeaten Track

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