ACCORDING to Rumah Solehah (a home for women and children living with HIV) project coordinator Fathiiah Hamzah, ignorance on HIV and AIDS-related issues is still prevalent among young people.

The statistics released by the Malaysian AIDS Council’s Red Ribbon Youth Club shows that for every four cases of new HIV infection in 2011, one was notified in youths aged 13 to 29. This just shows that young people are very much a HIV risk group now, and it’s time they start educating themselves.

In conjunction with tomorrow’s #WorldAIDSDay, we had a special #RAGEchat session to gauge the level of HIV/AIDS awareness among our Twitter followers and here’s what they had to say:

@thestar_rage: Do you know the difference between HIV and AIDS? Are they easily contracted?

@JayAnilSS: Both sexually transmitted right? One attacks the Immune system, the other, not too sure. Bad general knowledge 😛

@queensourwolf: HIV is acquired first-hand, and develops into AIDS. AIDS is acquired through mothers.

@Fahmy93: HIV is a virus that destroys the immunity system, AIDS is a stage of the HIV disease, the final stage.

@iarrod: HIV = virus, AIDS = immunity-attacking disease caused by HIV. As for the origin of HIV, I guess it is #alien

@YiEnChan96: if u hav a lot of unprotected sex with alot of random ppl, yes. If u don’t, no.

@LauYiLing: unprotected sex, mother to baby, sharing of needles.

@_AinulNadiah_: unprotected sex :S

@thestar_rage: Complete this sentence. When interacting with people living with HIV/AIDS, you should …

@Qayzr: not be an idiot and thinking it can spread through a hug.

@christinelwj: keep calm and don’t discriminate.

@FSKrieger22: get along with them as if there’s nothing wrong. Save for sexual interaction or blood transfusions…

@Tiffany1NOnly: Interact normally and without prejudice. PS: HIV/AIDS doesn’t spread through touching

@izzarcmuizz: avoid exchanging blood

@AngryManokz: know that it is not infectious.

@thestar_rage: How are you playing your part in spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS issues? Ppl live with HIV/AIDS every day you know. Not just in December.

@AtikaZamimi: Blog about it. Might not be the best or creative way but it’s one way to give out information nonetheless. I have once in my old blog back in 2010. It got quiet a few supporters.

@Tiffany1NOnly: well..unless it’s #WorldAidsDay, no one would just tweet about AIDS/HIV randomly. We dont usually do such things..

@LauYiLing: We spread the awareness in school through the PROSTAR club. We hold talks with AIESEC and PT foundation for the students. 😀

@thestar_rage: Most ppl replied saying tht they’ve always “wanted to” or “thought about” spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS issues. Anyone actually doing it?

@Qayzr: I participated in a campaign in HIV/AIDS awareness a few years bck giving out flyers & lectures in public. shld organize more.

@thestar_rage: What would it take to get you guys to ACTIVELY participate in campaigns to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS?

@klyq97: i think it needs a driving force behind it. Eg: someone u love has HIV

@DrS94: I would. If only I could think of an effective way of tackling the issue.

@Tiffany1NOnly: I’m up for it, but depends on the type of movement and whether i have time for it. 🙂

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