BijakPandai: Air pollution index

The haze is pretty much an annual problem here in Malaysia, due mostly to forest fires in Indonesia during the dry season (May-September). That’s when the air pollutant index (or API, rather ironically) readings become important for people to understand what precautions need to be taken. How is API measured? Since 1989, Malaysia’s API has […]

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Bijak Pandai: Mount Sinabung eruption

Putting our journalistic skills to use, so you get to sound smart. Indonesia has been hit with another natural disaster and this time it’s in the form of a volcanic eruption. After staying dormant for over 400 years, Mount Sinabung has actively erupted up to a dozen times a day for the last three months, […]

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The fantastic 48

By JAYDEE LOK AS far as popular music is concerned, the “manufactured model” of idol groups has prove to be pretty successful. And that’s why Yasushi Akimoto, creator of award-winning girl group AKB48 from Akihabara, Japan, has brought the franchise to Indonesia. The result is JKT48 – Indonesia’s first idol group. The name is […]

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The whole package

By VIVY YUSOF EVERYTIME I go to Jakarta, Indonesia, for business, I always end up bringing way more things than I usually do. Suddenly things I never pack on trips like my curling tongs and fake eyelashes become essentials on my list; they are even more essential than my passport! You see, Indonesian ladies […]

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”Terror” Tigers

It was barely two days after he had scored his decisive wonder goal in the AFF Suzuki Cup to make Malaysia unlikely champions of South-East Asian football, but Safee Sali already had his mind on other things.

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What’s the point of those lasers?

Seriously, how juvenile were those Malaysian fans with the laser pointers at the AFF Suzuki Cup final last night?

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Bandung blues

Usually I’d recommend places to shop that I’ve actually been to. Last weekend, however, I had tragic a hit-and-miss experience.

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