Usually I’d recommend places to shop that I’ve actually been to. Last weekend, however, I had tragic a hit-and-miss experience.

My friends and I were in Jakarta when we spontaneously decided to make a trip to Bandung.  We’d heard about the amazing shopping and decided to give it a shot.

Disclaimer: Normally, I conduct extensive research on places I’m visiting. I pour over books and websites and iPhone apps to make sure I know what I’m in for.

But when you’re with friends, you tend to just go with the flow and see what happens.. which is what we did. After all we were on vacation.

Two and a half hours and what seemed like a million cars later, we reached Bandung and had a quick lunch.

Coffee at a really nice place called ‘Morning Glory’ after lunch was apparently a must-do (and it was) so we only ended up at the ‘shopping street’ at 5.

And what a let-down it was.

Think petaling street, without the street. I couldn’t tell which were knockoffs and which were original designer or branded items from the warehouse outlets. This was a street called Cihampelas. Although the gigantic comic book character statues are a sight to behold, there really wasn’t much here.

With little time to waste we headed back to Jakarta, a three hour drive through horrific traffic jams.

To avoid this happening to you, or me, should I attempt Bandung again someday, I’ve done a little research on where to go so as to avoid disappointment. (so many people could not have been wrong)

(This research has made me pretty upset, by the way. I’m only just realising what we missed out on)

Oh, also, like in Jakarta, its best to hire a driver to take you around. Do check that he knows his way around Bandung beforehand though.


Had we the patience and time to really look through the shops, we would have discovered that it is better known as jeansstreet. You can find cheap jeans here, if you look hard enough.

Quality of items here are dubious, and fakes are aplenty.

Ci Walk

A more upmarket shopping area near cihampelas, there are no factory outlets to be found here.

Rumah Mode

This outlet is on Jalan Setiabudi, and is said to be the most visited outlet in Bandung for its bargains on designer brands.

Reportedly, you can get an Armani shirt for just Rp80,000, which is about RM27. Gucci, Ralph Lauren, CD and other designer brands are available for a fraction of their market price, and the only difference would be the slashed labels.

For a break from shopping, there are food places here as well.

Other factory outlets

Jalan Riau – The Secret, Renaritti, Branded Outlet, The Heritage, The Summit

Jalan Dago – Jet Set, Episode, Blossom, Terminal Tas (handbags)


A new phenomenon where local designers without their own marketing labels sell their stuff in distribution stores, a sort of stepping stone to owning their own clothing companies. You can also find books, indie label records, accessories and magazines.

Check out stores along  Jalan Trunojoyo 4 and 6, Jalan Pager gunung 13, Jalan Buah Batu 64.

*If you guys have suggestions, or if I’ve missed out on anything, please post a comment! (Because I’m definitely going back someday and I’ll need all the help I can get! :P) Thanks!

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