New iPad: Is Resolutionary good enough?

By DAVID LIAN THE 3rd generation iPad has finally hit Malaysian shores, and despite early criticism and then waning hype over it’s “small” list of improvements, it’s time to actually put the “resolutionary” device to the test. After all, this was the first major product to be launched after the passing of Apple CEO […]

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Modern metagame roundup, official Magic app!

It’s been awhile since I wrote about Magic: the Gathering – well, that’s what happens when you stop playing it, haha!   In terms of tournaments, the interest in Modern is apparently still strong. The latest enforced change in December 2011 was the banning of two more cards, Wild Nacatl and Punishing Fire.   Now, Magic […]

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Free news

IF YOU are a regular reader of the New York Times online, your days of reading its content for free are numbered.

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Mad for iPad

Apple finally released its new tablet computer in the United States.

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What’s the buzz?

THE Bloggies – the annual weblog awards – is back this year, in its 10th edition.

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