It’s been awhile since I wrote about Magic: the Gathering – well, that’s what happens when you stop playing it, haha!


In terms of tournaments, the interest in Modern is apparently still strong. The latest enforced change in December 2011 was the banning of two more cards, Wild Nacatl and Punishing Fire.


Now, Magic fans will remember that the format already has a fairly extensive ban list since the format’s introduction last year, which is not a huge surprise given that the large number of expansions are legal for it, makes it all the more challenging for the format to be open.


Well looks like the latest and current Modern metagame looks very different – find out what decks have supplanted Zoo in the metagame!


Having played with a budget version of Zoo back when I was still into Magic, I have to say that the Wild Nacatls were an immense boon to the lightning Turn 4 / Turn 5 kills that the deck was famous for. Now that it’s gone, decks will definitely have a chance to stabilize easier, giving a fairer fight. And oh, if you still want to Zoo it out, suppose that Loam Lion and Kird Ape are still alive!


And finally, Wizards of the Coast has finally produced the first and so far only official iPhone, iPad and Android software app for Magic: the Gathering, named Magic: the Gathering Toolbox.


It tracks life (for both regular one on one duels and Commander games), has a Gatherer-like card database, an online article reader and finally, a store and events locator.


Curious? Give it a whirl here! The app is slated to be out on iOS devices later this month, before it comes out for Android after. In the meantime – sate your curiosity by checking out full descriptions and more screenshots, here!



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