Learning from the 2011 Japan tsunami

Young leaders from around Asia come together to learn about disaster education from earthquake survivors in Japan through the HANDs! Together programme.

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Bijak Pandai: Whaling in Japan

Imagine hunting for sharks. Now thinking bigger – think whales. Whaling is the act of hunting whales (duh!) for their meat and oil. While the practice has been recorded as far back as 5,000 years ago, industrial whaling only began somewhere in the 17th century, leading to competitive national whaling industries in the 18th and […]

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Got the moves

By CHRISTINE CHEAH Street dancing is not just about coming up with the slickest dance moves. It is about adapting to different music genres and environments and bringing new flavours to the dance scene. And that is the kind of dancer Astro Battleground is looking for this year. Already in its seventh year, Astro […]

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Looking east

By TAKAMASA SAKURAI TSUBASA Maeda, 25, and her younger sister Mamu, 20, yearned to be involved in the fashion industry from a young age. Now, the sisters are pioneers in importing Japanese trends overseas. Together, they operate Chu Chu, a boutique selling Lolita-style clothing they design at a shopping mall in Bangkok. Mamu has lived […]

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Korean invasion

By NATASHA IMAN AS a die-hard Hallyu wave fan (loving anything and everything Korean), I had spent many nights pondering about how I would be able to “manage” myself once I move to Tokyo, Japan to further my studies. I was worried about many things – my fluency (or lack thereof) in Japanese; living […]

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The next step

WHEN Sohaib Athar (@Really Virtual) sent tweets out about the “rare event” – a helicopter hovering above Abbottabad, a city in Pakistan – a few nights ago, he didn’t imagine that he would be credited with “breaking” such an important piece of news. In fact, it was such an insignificant moment, that the second tweet […]

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Free news

IF YOU are a regular reader of the New York Times online, your days of reading its content for free are numbered.

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Kawaii Tokyo!

WHILE in Tokyo, Japan, for an assignment last week, I to hit the streets in search of kooky styles and quirky fashion.

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Kamikaze girls!

Have you heard of Lolitas?

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