In the spotlight

    By SHARMILA NAIR   CELEBRITIES really know how to keep busy and stay in the limelight. This week is no different.   Out of control Justin Bieber is acting out, or so say the people around him. There have been several rumours that the big wigs at Bieber’s record label, Def Jam […]

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Winners all the way

By SHARMILA NAIR WE all know that the MTV Movie Awards is an event where celebrities get to let loose and go wild. Unlike the prim and proper Academy Awards, the MTV Movie Awards is all about having fun, dressing up wacky and simply enjoying the night without having to worry whether you’ll be taking […]

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Camera, roll, action!

If you haven’t heard the news already, the Queen of Pop Madonna has a new movie out and it sucks. Hard. According to some critics who saw the movie at the Venice Film Festival recently, Madonna’s W.E. is a real waste of time, effort and energy. It’s that bad. And as surprising as this may […]

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Welcome back!

LAST week, I watched two of my former teen idols on television and let me tell you something; it was super, super exciting to see them together in the same show!.

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Fitness freaks

’ALL know that I’m a super Spice Girls fan right, and last week I had the chance to meet Mel B aka Scary Spice!

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Making mistakes

COUNTRY singer LeAnn Rimes was recently featured on the cover of Shape, and it would have gone by unnoticed if not for the furore over it.

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Younger star power

THE recent trend in magazine covers seems to be telling us something, or so say Hollywood’s pundits.

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Natural women, sort of

IT is hard enough to look decent in your teenage years, let alone your twenties…

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Eat like a star!

IF you have been following my tweets (you’d better be!), you would know that I was in Penang recently.

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