LAST week, I watched two of my former teen idols on television and let me tell you something; it was super, super exciting to see them together in the same show!.

I am of course gushing over Melissa & Joey, a sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. And yeah, they didn’t think too hard when it came to naming the show.

Melissa and Joey. Back on the small screen.

Melissa and Joey. Back on the small screen.

If you don’t remember Melissa, well maybe Sabrina The Teenage Witch (or Clarissa Explains It All, for you old school peeps) might ring a bell for you.

Sabrina was like my (and my father’s) favourite TV series and we never missed an episode … like, ever!

Melissa was bubbly, funny and goofy in the show and, 15 years later, she’s still like that in this new show. It’s as if she never grew up.

Joey, on the other hand, is still one heck of a cutie (though he’s bald now) and is as charming as he has always been.

Seeing him on television again brought back a lot of fond memories of watching shows like Blossom and Brotherly Love in which he starred (erm, did anyone actually watch these shows? Or even remember them?)

Anyway, Melissa & Joey is Melissa and Joey’s big comeback to television and if the positive reviews on the Internet are to be believed, it is definitely working for them.

Even if it is not, well, it’s just nice to see them back in action.

Just like how it is nice to see the ladies trying to make a comeback in Hot In Cleveland.

If you have watched that sitcom, you would have seen Valerie Bertinelli (the former Mrs Eddie Van Halen) of One Day At A Time; Jane Leeves, who played Daphne Moon in Frasier; Wendie Malick (the haughty boss in Just Shoot Me!); and Betty White trying to get back into the spotlight.

The series is about three fortysomething single ladies (four if you include Betty’s character) who try to get a second shot at life and love in Cleveland, but failing almost every time with hilarious outcomes.

It seems as if everyone is trying to return to television and though it’s nice to see these (literally) old faces again, there are some other people who should really make a comeback.

Twin power

Twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are two of the most awesome people on Earth. They can’t act, sing or dance but they are still awesome.

The twins tried their hands at acting.

The twins tried their hands at acting.

The girls started their career on Full House, and they tried to return to TV with shows like Two Of A Kind and So Little Time.

Unfortunately, they weren’t that successful.

Then, the dynamite duo (that’s what the press call them sometimes) tried their hands at movies. A few turkeys after that, they decided to move on to fashion, which they are actually pretty good at.

Sharm says: It would be awe-some to follow the lives of millionaires who do their best to avoid the spotlight … unlike the Kardashians.

Cute little shorty

Okay, who knows what JTT stands for? It is for Jonathan Taylor Thomas and those were the three letters that were on most girls’ lips back in the 1990s. For example, “Call me Mrs JTT,” or “I would die for JTT!”

Jonathan, who actually hated being called JTT, had a starring role in the hit TV series Home Improvement from 1991 to 1998. After he quit the show to continue his studies, he disappeared from Hollywood just like that.

He resurfaced much later, making appearances on TV shows like Smallville, 8 Simple Rules and Veronica Mars and had even tried directing short films, but hasn’t made any plans to make a big comeback.

Sharm says: Well, I think he should since he is funny, cute and more importantly, he can act.

Kick-ass chick

Twilight fans may not agree, but Buffy The Vampire Slayer was one cool show and Buffy was one cool chick. Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the character, was fantastic as well.

Buffy and Angel forever...

Buffy and Angel forever...

Sarah, who is also famous for her role in Cruel Intentions, has been away from the limelight especially since she got married to Freddie Prinze Jr.

The world needs more butt-kicking characters like Buffy and Sarah is the perfect candidate to play such roles.

Sharm says: Hey, maybe they should just revive the series and we can finally see Buffy reunite with Angel (played by David Boreanaz).

Friends forever

We all know that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have much luck when it comes to men and the big screen. We can’t help her in the men’s department, but maybe there are a few words of advice we can share with dear Jennifer when it comes to her career. Get back to TV girl!

Come back to TV, Jen...

Come back to TV, Jen...

Look at her best friend Monica Geller … erm, Courteney Cox. She knows what works for her and sticks to it like a leech. Though her series Dirt ate just that, Courteney’s Cougar Town is doing pretty well and heck, Jennifer even made a cameo appearance in it.

Jennifer is so meant to play a spoilt, wealthy, female character with boy troubles in a sitcom which features lots of cute guys. Everyone would watch it.

Sharm says: Guess what? If Jennifer plays just that kind of character, she wouldn’t even have to act! Art imitating life, I say.

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