Immortal idols

By SHARMILA NAIR AS MUCH as it would be difficult to say goodbye to one of the most awesome movie franchises in the world, there are at least two awesome things about The Twilight Saga coming to an end. First, the world finally knows who human Bella Swan chose as her life partner (the […]

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Attention seekers

THE 2012 US presidential election wasn’t the only thing that made headlines this week. Celebrities were also up to their old tricks and gave everyone lots to talk about. For the win Twitterverse went a little crazy after Barack Obama was re-elected as the US President and celebrities joined in the celebration, tweeting their support […]

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Watchu’ said?

Even celebrities cannot escape the dangerous foot-in-mouth disease. Once in a while, we hear the unfortunate news of a celebrity losing their integrity to the vicious foot-in-mouth disease. No matter how intelligent, gorgeous and rich celebrities may be, they simply cannot help but occasionally fall prey to this unforgiving malady. Last week, it was Johnny […]

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What’s the big deal?

I have to be honest here and please don’t hurt me for saying it; I don’t understand the whole Twilight hoopla…

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Win Twilight Saga:Eclipse movie premiums!

Hands up those who want some Twilight Saga:  Eclipse movie premiums. Yeah, I know you want it…

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Friends forever?

KRISTEN Stewart has a new arm candy and no, I am not talking about her boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

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Tim Burton drags Helena out of the rat hole

Hide the children y’all, the freakshow is in town. Tim Burton was honoured by the New York’s Museum of Modern Art for his creepy creative work earlier this week.

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