KRISTEN Stewart has a new arm candy and no, I am not talking about her boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

To be quite honest, it has been a while since the paparazzi has caught the lovebirds together — and there is also gossip that R.Patz has another girlfriend stashed away in London — so I’m not really sure if they are still an item.

Anyway, the arm candy I am referring to is none other than Kristen’s co-star in not one, but two movies, Dakota Fanning.

The two fast became friends while working on New Moon and Runaways simultaneously. While many assumed that Kristen lacks social grace, she has actually managed to befriend the teenage sweetheart Dakota. Or maybe Dakota’s parents have instilled good values in their child and taught her to be nice to everyone, even awkward, incoherent, trailer-trash look-alikes like Kristen.

Well, I am sorry if I sound a bit rude but I am really tired of her awkward and stiff posture in candid pictures. Surely she must already know how to deal with fame and prying eyes by now.

The new BFFs have recently been seen joined at the hips at numerous parties. Dakota is only 16 (and dresses way more appropriately for her age than Miley Cyrus who is a year older, FYI), so hopefully the 19-year-old Kristen is not bringing her to the wrong side of town on their nightly escapades. (We have seen pictures of Kristen smoking and heard rumours of her boozing.)

Maybe they should just hang out during the day time, like High School Musical alums Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa and Ashley are total BFFs!

Vanessa and Ashley are total BFFs!

It is a rare sight to catch the besties on a night out in town, even though they have both hit the legal age for drinking in the United States. The goody-two-shoes duo are often seen doing what girls do best — getting mani-pedis, fixing their hair and shopping until they drop in the daylight.

Sometimes the third wheel to their friendship, Brittany Snow, also joins in the fun girls’ day out.

When I interviewed Ashley and Vanessa in Los Angeles a few years back, their friendship seemed pretty genuine and not something they put on just for the public.

Vanessa mentioned that the person who’d always visit her was Ashley, although I was kind of hoping that it was Zac Efron.

Even Zac and Ashley are besties and have been seen going out to lunch without Vanessa; no hanky-panky of course!

The trio has been friends for over five years, a feat considering most Hollywood marriages don’t even last that long.

A friendship that has suffered the Holly-wood curse is the one between Disney darlings Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. They are the clean and much younger version of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and have been friends for over 10 years.

Demi and Selena: BFFs no more!

Demi and Selena: BFFs no more!

The conflict started when Demi befriended Miley (who is Selena’s sworn enemy) and Selena became close with Taylor Swift (who is friends with Demi and Miley as well).

To make matters worse, Selena is dating Nick Jonas (who is Miley’s ex-boyfriend) and Demi is dating Joe Jonas (who broke up with Taylor in a 27-second phone conversation).

Phew, that’s a lot of information there!

In a nutshell, Demi and Selena grew apart and finally had a falling out, though we have yet to find out the reason behind that girly spat. They are now not on speaking terms and wouldn’t even acknowledge each other’s existence, apparently.

That’s Hollywood friendship for you, so Kristen and Dakota, savour every minute you spend together because you’ll never know when that knife will stab your back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, girls.

Sharm says: I wonder what really happened between Demi and Selena, though honestly I don’t care. I’m on Team Miley, remember?

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