Almost ‘it’ girls

By SHARMILA NAIR There is no denying that pop darling Britney Spears is the most successful female artiste to emerge from the always busy, teeny-boppers-churning Disney factory. When Spears hit the scene with Baby One More Time in 1999, the former Mouseketeer alumsealed her spot in entertainment history by becoming the best-selling teenage artiste […]

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Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photos are back

Yikes! Poor Vanessa…her past mistakes are back to haunt her yet again. There are new nude photos of V making the rounds on the Internet.

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Out to pasture

FOR those who have been crying over Amanda Bynes’ premature retirement from the entertainment industry, get over it already.

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Vanessa Hudgens can…act?

Yeah, I’m not sure why I typed that either, LOL. I was checking the Beastly trailer and girl looks as if she knows what acting means.

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Friends forever?

KRISTEN Stewart has a new arm candy and no, I am not talking about her boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

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Zac Efron loves Robert Pattinson

Wow, and here we thought that the High School heart throb was totes jealous over the attention the sparkly vampire has been getting lately.

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