For a good cause

By SHARMILA NAIR WHAT is the craziest thing you would do in the name of charity? Well, TV personality Hansen Lee conducted an auction in a freezing cold venue … with his t-shirt off. Of course, none of the audience member at Twestival KL complained. Have you seen Hansen’s ripped body? It’s amazing. Anyway, […]

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Singing against bullying

By KEVIN TAN WHEN local R&B star Liang read the statistics from the R.AGE Against Bullying campaign survey earlier this year, it was such a shock that his creative instincts immediately told him he had to do something. “If eight out of ten teenagers in Malaysia have been bullied (according to statistics), that means […]

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Keepin’ on

KEVIN TAN IF you have been a victim of bullying, you should know that you are never alone. That’s the very message that StART society (an art academy for underprivileged children) is conveying through their song called Keep On Keepin’ On, in conjunction with R.AGE’s anti-bullying campaign, R.AGE Against Bullying. Local R&B star Liang, […]

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Time to shine

Three lucky acts will go from singing in their bedrooms, to performing live on stage at Urbanscapes – and you could be one of them! The R.AGE Open Mic competition is now in full swing! Over 80 YouTube singers, musicians and performers have sent in their video submissions, and our judges can’t wait to help […]

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The Wonder Boys

Before I surrendered my soul to the low-paying, high-stress, dead-end world of journalism, I had always dreamed of being a musician.

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Wonder Boys update

If you missed the announcement on the papers yesterday, I am currently working on a little side project for The Star and one of our sponsors, Nestle Drumstick.

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Wonder Boys

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on this project for work. I have to start my own band, play a gig and write about the whole experience.

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