If you missed the announcement on the papers yesterday, I am currently working on a little side project for The Star and one of our sponsors, Nestle Drumstick.

And that project is called the Wonder Boys. Yes, I know it sounds like some pedophiles anonymous kinda thing, but it’s not.

I was challeneged to start a band, play a gig and write about the whole experience. And for the longest time I’ve not only wanted to start my own band, but to start my own Stevie Wonder tribute band.

And just a couple of days ago, while we were messing around in the studio playing some recent top 40 stuff, our guitarist Steve Lam (who plays for local indie rock band Eve) suggested – “hey, why don’t we call ourselves the Wonder Boys? Like the Wondergirls? We could do that ‘Nobadeh Butchoo’ song!”

We laughed our asses off, and the name stuck. But no, we’re NOT playing Nobody by the Wondergirls.

Anyway, I’m gonna be heading to the venue of our gig later this afternoon, Artista, at Tropicana City Mall, to have a meeting with their management.

We’re just gonna sort out some last minute details.

But I’m also gonna propose something crazy to them, just for the heck of it – if we manage to bring in a certain amount of people for the concert, like say 150, we’d like to have a regular spot at Artista.

The place can usually fit around 75 people on the inside, and there’s more room at the al fresco area (which is basically a nicer way of saying “smoking area”) out at the back. So if we can pull a crowd of 150, maybe do something like get them to “Like” a Wonder Boys Facebook page, then we can request for Artista to give us like a bi-monthly spot.

Fingers crossed, everyone! The gig is on Sunday, 8:30pm. I’m not sure if they’ll agree to our own challenge to them, but come anyways, alright? It’s gonna be fun. It’s Stevie Wonder, baby!

Stevie video of the day

Anyway, I’m gonna be posting YouTube videos of some of my favourite Stevie Wonder live performances from now till our gig on Sunday. Today, we have two of his many classics.

First up, there’s the song that makes you feel like you’re walking on air, the bright yet warm tune You Are The Sunshine Of My Life. One of my all-time favourites.

And after that, it goes on to the funky Superstition. Stevie’s party-starter track. Enjoy =)

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