Sister act bids adieu

By KEVIN TAN The Impatient Sisters will have to be more patient in the coming years, as Irena Taib, the youngest of the singing siblings, has been accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, the United States – even as they are in the midst of completing their debut album. To […]

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Let’s get loud

By JAYDEE LOK What do you get when you get 10 bands to play in a packed venue? You get loud, of course. Converse Malaysia showed everyone how it was done at their Get Loud gig last Sunday at Laundry Bar in Mutiara Damansara, Selangor. The show, aimed at promoting local bands, wrapped up […]

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The Wonder Boys

Before I surrendered my soul to the low-paying, high-stress, dead-end world of journalism, I had always dreamed of being a musician.

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Twilight Action Girl ft. Wonder Boys

It’s not gonna happen. Negotiations with Daryl Goh from TAG lasted all of two seconds in the hallways of The Star’s features section.

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Wonder Boys update

If you missed the announcement on the papers yesterday, I am currently working on a little side project for The Star and one of our sponsors, Nestle Drumstick.

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Wonder Boys

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on this project for work. I have to start my own band, play a gig and write about the whole experience.

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