The Impatient Sisters (from left) Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib.

The Impatient Sisters (from left) Soraya, Nazeera and Irena Taib.

The Impatient Sisters will have to be more patient in the coming years, as Irena Taib, the youngest of the singing siblings, has been accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, the United States – even as they are in the midst of completing their debut album.

To celebrate the achievement, and to give her the grand send-off she deserves, her sisters Soraya and Nazeera (the other two members of the Impatient Sisters) are throwing a farewell concert featuring some of their friends in the scene.

For fans of the group’s super-smooth harmonies and folksy allure, the sisters themselves have promised to play a full set of all their songs during the show.

“This will be the last show we’ll play before Irena comes back, which will be in four or five years’ time. We won’t be performing as The Impatient Sisters until she’s back,” said Nazeera.

Considering the projected long hiatus, the sisters are hoping to put on a real big show at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC), in Damansara Perdana, Selangor. Soraya, the eldest of the group, said it will be the first time they’re headlining a show at a venue like DPAC.

“This event is for all the people who have been with The Impatient Sisters from the beginning of our journey,” said Soraya. “Initially, it was supposed to be just a nice party, but now it has become this big event. It’s quite intimidating! We’ve never performed at such a nice venue before, and we’re headlining!”

Apart from the headliners, the concert will also feature special guest performances by The Impatient Brothers (a comedy trio parodying The Impatient Sisters), electropop artiste Darren Ashley, who has collaborated with the sisters on a couple of tracks; fingerstyle guitarist Az Samad, the Malaysian Ukelele Group and more.

Electro-pop artiste Darren Ashley.

Electro-pop artiste Darren Ashley.

“We are gonna go all out for this show, perform all the songs we have – those in the upcoming album and even those that won’t be in the album,” said Soraya.

As for the release of the album, which was due to happen this month, fans will just have to wait till next year.

“We don’t want to rush it,” said Soraya. “We can still work on it until next year and release it at a picnic show!”

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