Bijak Pandai: Personal Data Protection Act 2010

Putting our journalistic skills to use, so you get to sound smart. If you’ve been receiving emails and messages from all kinds of companies all of a sudden telling you how important the safety of your personal data is to them, you are not alone. They were all doing it in order to comply with […]

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Speaking out

Young Malaysians share their thoughts on corporal punishment and the effect it could possibly have on children. A PINCH here and a smack there – yes, that is how most of our parents deal with us when we misbehave. So imagine the nation’s surprise when a Malaysian couple was arrested in Sweden late last year […]

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Save our rainforests

By CASSANDRA YEOH TURN on the tap and the water flows out. Switch on the electricity and there is light. Often times, we use natural resources to help ease our daily lives but have we ever stopped to think about what is happening behind the scene? With global warming, erratic weather conditions and other […]

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Joey Mah: Coffee entrepreneur

IF you visit one of coffee entrepreneur Joey Mah’s cafes, do yourself a favour – don’t ask if there’s anything “ice-blended”. In fact, his first cafe, the Nowhere Man pop-up cafe, doesn’t even serve sugar – because a cup of coffee prepared the right way should already have enough sweetness. Call him a purist, connoisseur […]

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Food for thought

By DENIELLE LEONG     At my first BRATs assignment, I barely knew what I was doing. All I had prepared for my interview with Thia Megia (American Idol Season 10 finalist) when she visited Malaysia last year was a list of generic questions – one of which was “sowhat do you think of […]

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Unity through fun

NIKI CHEONG LAST weekend, about 200 people came together at Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur for a picnic under the shady trees, all dressed in the colours of the Jalur Gemilang. The event – “Saya Mahu Picnic” – was organised by bizarre participatory arts group RandomAlphabets (RA) in just four days as a response […]

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Kita kawan mah…

What started out as a project among a bunch of colleagues hoping to spread some post-general election positivity has turned into a full-out campaign, one that seems set to spread all over the country. The Kita Kawan Mah project was started by a group of around 15 colleagues, mostly in their mid-20s to mid-30s, and […]

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Last week’s tag: #WhatMerdekaMeans

Whether you are a student or a businessman, Merdeka unites people from all walks of life because it is when we celebrate the independence of this nation. But as we never fail to celebrate Merdeka in one way or another, do we stop and ask ourselves, what does Merdeka really mean to us? This year […]

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Life after London

Stories by ANGELIN YEOH Pandelela Rinong AS a child growing up in Kampung Jugan, Sarawak, Pandelela Rinong Pamg said she was very active and one of her favourite things to do was play at the river. “I was always jumping around at the sungai. It was fun,” she said. At that time, no one imagined […]

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R.AGE Online!

Subscribe! On our YouTube channel this week, we have Malaysian drummer Arthur Kam, our Get Personal young personality of the week, performing one of his redonkulous solos exclusively for our cameras. The former child prodigy has performed with the likes of Jackie Cheung, Sadao Watanabe and Keiko Lee, not to mention pretty much everyone […]

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