Whether you are a student or a businessman, Merdeka unites people from all walks of life because it is when we celebrate the independence of this nation.

But as we never fail to celebrate Merdeka in one way or another, do we stop and ask ourselves, what does Merdeka really mean to us?

This year marks the 55th year of freedom for our country, and we wanted to find out if the meaning of Merdeka differs from the Malaysian youth of today and that of the older generation.

In last week’s cover story, R.AGE interviewed a few young Malaysian personalities including Noh Salleh of Hujan and Miss Malaysia Universe 2012 Kimberly Leggett, to find out what Merdeka really means to them.

During #RAGEchat, we asked you #WhatMerdekaMeans and here are some of your replies:

@chunheepy: last night, #MRSMSeMalaysia had a celebration and it was awesome. then, i realize Merdeka is all bout being united and free.

@Nashman: #WhatMerdekaMeans to me it’s a day to remember our forefathers struggle. Unity only comes when we stand as the malaysian race.

@vinceganvt: To me, Merdeka is about celebrating the common goal our forefathers once shared. Without it, we may not be what we are today.

@monfereblogspot: It’s all about uniting our passion and stay together in harmony as one big family. #WhatMerdekaMeans

@annabellybutton: #WhatMerdekaMeans a time for us to reflect on how far we’ve come & where we need to be heading as a country, people, nation.

@Tashairina: A nation built upon a truly unique Malaysian perspective with peace in mind. #WhatMerdekaMeans

@yayningg: #WhatMerdekaMeans to me; Being an independent country for 55 years. To celebrate is to remember the glory of independence 🙂

@ruxyn: Freedom. Free from discrimination, freedom of making choices, freedom from being held back by politics #WhatMerdekaMeans

@RachieWongie: #WhatMerdekaMeans Independence, freedom, and glory for all. And hopefully, one day it’ll mean equality for all too.

@Madsalahuddin: #WhatMerdekaMeans Unity and Freedom for all Malaysians!

A few Malaysian celebrities also tweeted us on #WhatMerdekaMeans to them.

@jfkjohan: freedom, unity, peace & another reason to take a long weekend holiday!

@HarithIskander: Being able 2 play naked outside my hse gate. When I was 4yrs old.

@Pandelela_R: merdeka means peace, no war & i hope it stays that way forever. 🙂 Jalur gemilang, kami semua bersatu.

@adibahnoor: using God-given abilities to earn a living: for me, my family n those in need, n no one to deny me the d rite to do so 🙂

@chihohoho: Merdeka to me is remembering how our unity liberated Malaysia – before this same unity became a fashion under 1Malaysia.

@willquah: It’s a time when we should look at ourselves critically and ask whether our steps forward are bigger than our steps backward…

@JJhitz: Well to be able to say I’m Malaysian and not a race. And that’s what I answer when any1 ask me what R U

@patrickteoh: Merdeka means a celebration of OUR independence.

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