Young and united

Malaysian university students tell us what they want for the country’s future, and what they’re doing to make it happen.

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Last week’s tag: #WhatMerdekaMeans

Whether you are a student or a businessman, Merdeka unites people from all walks of life because it is when we celebrate the independence of this nation. But as we never fail to celebrate Merdeka in one way or another, do we stop and ask ourselves, what does Merdeka really mean to us? This year […]

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What does Merdeka mean?

IT’S been five-and-half decades since we started celebrating Hari Merdeka, and much has changed since. These days, we tweet about Merdeka, we blog about it, we change our avatars to celebrate it. We party, enjoy the public holiday and take part in the usual flag-waving gestures – but does Merdeka still mean anything to us? […]

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#iheartmalaysia…do you?

MANY Malaysians on the Twittersphere love their hashtags. It would appear that we have a hashtag for every occasion…

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