Magic: the Gathering fans must be lapping up all the Return to Ravnica spoilers that’s pretty much being revealed one by one, by the official game producer, Wizards of the Coast,  as well as numerous fan sites.


Plenty of interesting stuff has been revealed already: from awesome-looking and very powerful planeswalkers, to the tons of useful spells and what-not. Don’t forget the whole reprinting of the original cycle of Ravnica shock lands are causing quite a stir as well.


Well Wizards seem to be milking the hype for this pretty well. When the original Ravnica set was made available, the cycle was memorable enough. Plenty of powerhouses and staples, and thematically a smashing success. Would you blame Wizards for this encore? (Though it did sound a little lame when the first announcements hit – here we go, Scars round two!)


As an MTG-neutral gamer now (thought about returning, but nah, the love for TCGs is still missing somehow), this looks like a pretty darned impressive set. If only these things would be less expensive, LOLs!


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