Returning to a classic

Magic: the Gathering fans must be lapping up all the Return to Ravnica spoilers that’s pretty much being revealed one by one, by the official game producer, Wizards of the Coast,  as well as numerous fan sites.   Plenty of interesting stuff has been revealed already: from awesome-looking and very powerful planeswalkers, to the tons […]

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New Magic Duel Decks

It’s halfway through August, and what do you know, Wizards of the Coast has just announced a new Duel Decks set, as a nice lead-up to the Return to Ravnica block that’s incoming, in around a month.   Duel Decks: Izzet vs Golgari gives us a glimpse on what the “new” Ravnica block is all about […]

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Return to Ravnica

Wizards of the Coast has certainly been not averse to revisiting older expansions, in churning out the new stuff. Yeap, here’s looking at you, Scars of Mirrodin.   Looks like mixing up the new and the old, will once again be the theme for the upcoming Return of Ravnica block, which has just been announced […]

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