Wizards of the Coast has certainly been not averse to revisiting older expansions, in churning out the new stuff. Yeap, here’s looking at you, Scars of Mirrodin.


Looks like mixing up the new and the old, will once again be the theme for the upcoming Return of Ravnica block, which has just been announced last week by Wizards.


The original Ravnica block gave us some pretty fun and memorable times, with plenty of thematic storytelling involved. The different guilds, powerful critters and spells, and of course, the now-super-pricey shocklands – ah, that block was one of the best in recent years, in my books.


How will Wizards reimagine this classic? How can they top the shocklands? Will some of the original set’s heavy-hitters make a reappearance? Find out in September then!


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